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Mar, 2018

5 Lawn Care Myths Busted

  • Organic debris like leaves and clippings can be left on your lawn to breakdown as mulch
  • Mowing in the same pattern is not recommended
  • Watering occasionally is better for your lawn than ‘little-often’

Collect your grass clippings?

Many believe leaving grass clippings on your lawn will create thatch. Grass clippings actually breakdown quite quickly, are estimated to be made up of 85-95 percent water and add to the organic layer below your lawn. Grass clippings act as a natural fertiliser, with beneficial nutrients like potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous. If it’s been a while since you mowed or the length has gotten away from you, then try bringing the height down over a few days so there’s not too much (greater than about 25mm – or 1 inch) clipping left on your lawn as too much clipping left on the lawn can cause problems.

 Strict mowing pattern?

While regular mowing is important, mowing in the same patterns causes your lawn to develop a ‘memory’, making the blades fall the same way. This can eventually deprive your lawn from sunlight and water. You can also track ruts into your lawn from going over the same wheel marks all the time. Simply mow in alternate directions and change your patterns to ensure a more evenly cut, with less compaction and a better looking lawn.

Don’t leave leaves on your lawn!

While a heavy layer can smother your lawn, a moderate to light layer of leaves can actually be mulched back into the lawn, providing nutrients for your grass. Shredding the leaves as you mow the lawn is all you need to do.

Overwatering your lawn

If you take care of your lawn properly, the need for water is minimal. Deeper, less frequent, watering is much more beneficial than the mindset of “the more, the better” when it comes to your lawn. Overwatering can result in short roots, fungus, and a high bill from your water company! Sticking to this routine – even if you have an automated sprinkler – will ensure your lawns root system is delving deep for moisture and will survive dry periods with less stress.

Lawns and lawn care are boring to talk about!

Talking about your love for your lawn can be a great icebreaker, especially when you have some hilarious puns to go with it. Just ask the specialists at Lawn Solutions Australia . . . they’re easy to ‘get-a-lawn-with’!

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