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Apr, 2020

Avoid The Cabin Fever

Here’s 8 things you can do while you’re stuck at home.

Bored, cooped up and ready to achieve something constructive rather than just falling down that TikTok worm hole? There’s a whole raft of things you could be doing that won’t have you contemplating growing a mullet and changing your name to Tiger King. (If you don’t know what I’m on about you haven’t fallen down the Netflix worm hole just yet).

  • Build something to be proud of

There is a whole range of things you can buy online and have delivered to keep yourself occupied. There are build kits for almost anything, from robotics to flat pack furniture. You can build a model car, or you can even build a full-size kit-car, with some companies even supplying everything you need to build a Shelby Cobra replica!

  • Turn your lawn into a fanatic’s dream!

If you are looking to install a new lawn or repair an existing one, the team at Lawn Solutions Australia have an easy to follow step-by-step guide to show you how it’s done. While laying out the turf itself is an easy job, you’ll get best results if you spend some time measuring your lawn area correctlypreparing the area and follow our tips to get your lawn well established afterwards.

With a national network of turf suppliers offering ‘contactless delivery’ there couldn’t be a better time to spruce up your outside space with a new lawn.

Here’s how…

  • Keep healthy, physically and mentally

Keeping healthy is the most important thing you need to consider during this time. Staying active, eating healthy and maintaining human interaction through your phone and computer.

You can’t go to the gym, but you do have space out on the lawn and the know-how to do anything! (Thanks Google). There are some great training apps out there that can give you a cracking workout and you don’t even need any equipment. Chris Hemsworth is providing a free 6-week offer for his new training app Centr.

Meditation and yoga are also options to help you maintain mental strength and focus. Apps like Calm have started specific campaigns for meditating to help you keep a positive mental space and stay grounded during this time.

  • Design your garden sanctuary

With Bunnings among other garden centres and nursery’s still being open, you can finally spruce up your run-down garden. From droughts, flooding and everything else that’s been going on lately, your lawn and garden could do with a bit of attention. It’s a good thing to do to get yourself outside and the activity is beneficial for your health. Order your gardening supplies online for delivery to limit any unnecessary contact.

  • Learn Swahili?

You might not be able to go overseas right now but learning a new language will provide a great new skill and have you ready to communicate with the local tongue when you are able to travel abroad again.

  • Stay connected with Zoom

Zoom via the app or desktop allows you to stay connected with friends and family via video conferencing. Zoom has video and audio with screen sharing capabilities so you can have a contactless online party with all your friends without leaving the house. You could even team this up with the Netflix party extension, so you can all watch the same movie at the same time for a fun movie night during isolation!

  • How do astronauts cope with the isolation?

Astronaut Chris Hadfield knows what it feels like to be isolated for long periods of time in space. On his first space mission the internet was a relatively new thing and social media was still a few years away yet. But he didn’t find space to be lonely or isolating. Technology has eased the difficulty of isolation, but the biggest challenge is managing the change to your routine and how we manage the psychological boundaries of what’s normal. Chris says now is a great time to engage in education, to sign up to an online course or learn an instrument. Maybe you could learn Space Oddity by David Bowie too…

  • Train your brain

Not the first app to be mentioned in this blog, but why not take advantage of the digital tools we have available right? Elevate is a brain training app which is designed to help your mind stay sharp, improving your problem-solving skills, processing speed and cognitive functions.

Hopefully with a few of these ideas you can keep yourself busy, healthy and stay connected. We’re all in this together!

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