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The War on Weeds

 |  Active Turf Supplies
The most noxious lawn weeds (nutgrass + others) As the name suggests, noxious lawn weeds grow aggressively and can spread rapidly with few control options. These weeds can appear in even the most well-maintained lawns and can take over quickly.

Onion Weed

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Onion weed is one of the worst type of weeds that can take hold in your lawn or gardenOnion weed can be eradicated with patience and a bit of delicate workKeeping onion weed under control by preventing flowering is a must to prevent it spreading

7 DIY Weed Killers

 |  Active Turf Supplies
If your preference is to avoid the use of herbicides on your lawn, then there are some organic DIY weed treatments which are claimed to work against particular weeds. Some work well, some take perseverance, some may not actually work at all and are nothing but an old wives’ tale. Here’s a few we’ve come across that you might like to try: