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Human Health Benefits of Natural Grass

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Infographic from the Lawn Institute

Lawn no longer fit for purpose?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
What is the right lawn? Perhaps your garden has taken off and your trees and shrubs have shot up in the past five years and you’ve now got too much shade. Or your kids have become more active and are placing greater wear on your lawn. What is the right lawn?

Thinking of replacing your lawn?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Follow these 4 expert tips for best results Compaction, increased shade and wear are the biggest reasons to renew your lawnLawn replacement is a cheaper option than other surfaces in most casesChoose the right type of lawn to get the best return on your investment

Installing a new lawn in winter

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Watch this video from Lawn Solutions Australia about installing a new lawn in Winter

Product Warranty Certificate

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Lawn Solutions Australia Now that Lawn Solutions Australia has officially launched we are proud to announce that with every sale made at Active Turf, customers are now issued with a  Product Warranty Certificate.

Why should you choose Active Turf?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
When it comes to purchasing products for your home there are always lots of choices. It’s the same when it comes to turf companies.