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5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Mums love their lawns because they provide a place for their family to create memories. We want our mum’s lawn to be up to scratch and easy to manage, with more time for the good stuff. Here’s some gift ideas we are sure she will enjoy this Mother’s Day…

TiffTuff – The Game Changer

 |  Active Turf Supplies
The world’s leading turf scientists chose to breed TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda (Couch grass) over 30,000 other turf varieties!

Should I core my lawn?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
What is core aeration? Should I core my lawn?  Unlike regular aeration, where solid tines simply punch holes in the ground, core aeration removes a plug of soil from your lawn at the same time. Plug or core aerators do this by using hollow tines that puncture the surface and then pull the plugs from the ground on their way back out.

Do I need to use a wetting agent on my lawn?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Wetting agents are like a detergent or surfactant that attract water to the soils surface, helping it to soak in.Hydrophobic soils repel water which can lead to serious problems in the garden and lawn.For existing lawns that are hydrophobic, a wetting agent is needed.

Can you over fertilise your lawn?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
There are some out there who wouldn’t dream of fertilising their lawn very often or even at all, because it could lead to more mowing! But can you over fertilise your lawn?

Mow Less Grass – Sir Grange

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Turf research in recent times has focused on finding new varieties of grass that have superior characteristics beneficial to the changing environment. Two key characteristics that researchers are looking for in new turf varieties include – low maintenance through additional inputs (fertilising) and low mowing requirements.

How To Lay New Turf

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Apply a starter fertiliser to your soil Once you have a reasonable amount of underlay leveled (we recommend 100mm), apply a starter fertiliser such as Lawn Launcher, this will encourage deeper root growth and really support your lawn in the establishment phase.

5 Lawn Care Myths Busted

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Organic debris like leaves and clippings can be left on your lawn to breakdown as mulchMowing in the same pattern is not recommendedWatering occasionally is better for your lawn than ‘little-often’

Installing a new lawn in winter

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Watch this video from Lawn Solutions Australia about installing a new lawn in Winter

Pets and your lawn

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Some lawn varieties might look great but can they handle the action from some family pets? Wear and tear, digging, urine burn and faeces are common problems, and sensitive lawns just can’t handle it, especially with large dogs. So choosing a pet friendly and tolerant variety will make life easy for all concerned. Just like humans, some pets may to sensitive to allergies so choosing a low-allergenic variety is the go.

Product Warranty Certificate

 |  Active Turf Supplies
Lawn Solutions Australia Now that Lawn Solutions Australia has officially launched we are proud to announce that with every sale made at Active Turf, customers are now issued with a  Product Warranty Certificate.

Why should you choose Active Turf?

 |  Active Turf Supplies
When it comes to purchasing products for your home there are always lots of choices. It’s the same when it comes to turf companies.